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Utterly inspired by Ms. Faeth, I've decided to make my sister (and every other person ever) a mix for Christmas. She will be the coolest little kid on the block:

1. "Turn My Camera On" -- Spoon
2. "I Should've Known Better" --- Nickel Creek
3. "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" --- Neutral Milk Hotel
4. "Who Could Win A Rabbit" --- Animal Collective
5. "Theme and Variation" --- The Sauce
6. "Two Hearts" ---- The Jayhawks
7. "Maybe You Can Owe Me" --- Architecture in Helsinki
8. "Make It Rain" ---- Tom Waits
9. "Decatur" ---- Sufjan Stevens
10. "It Was Supposed to Be" -- The Streets
11. "New Slang" --- The Shins
12. "Neverevereverdid" --- Architecture in Helsinki
13. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" --- The Band
14. "Where is My Mind?" ---- The Pixies
15. "Memories of Jacqueline 1906" --- Olivia Tremor Control
16. "We Become Silhouettes" (Postal Service Cover) --- The Shins
17. "El Pico" --- Ratatat
18. "Bugle Call" ----- Deerhoof
19. "Gone" ------ Kanye West

I don't know, I tried to make it accesible for a middle schooler... I'm curious to see how it will work out.

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Today, along with many other kind words reminding me to see beauty around me, Mary Stewart (the woman who I am pretty confident is some sort of prophet or something... I have never been so in awe of anyone in my life) included this poem at the end, both in Engilsh and German.


I am, you anxious one. Don't you sense me,

ready to break into being at your touch?

My murmurings surround you like shadowy wings.

Can't you see me standing before you cloaked in stillness?

Hasn't my longing ripened in you from the

beginning as fruit ripens on a branch?

I am the dream you are dreaming.

When you want to awaken, I am that wanting:

I grow strong in the beauty you behold.

And with the silence of stars, I enfold your cities

made by time.

Rainer Maria Rilke, von

Die Stundenbuch

Ich bin, du Ängstlicher. Hörst du mich nicht
mit allen meinen Sinnen an dir branden?
Meine Gefühle, welche Flügel fanden,
umkreisen weiß dein Angesicht.
Siehst du nicht meine Seele, wie sie dicht
vor dir in einem Kleid aus Stille steht?
Reift nicht mein mailiches Gebet
an deinem Blicke wie an einem Baum?

Wenn du der Träumer bist, bin ich dein Traum.
Doch wenn du wachen willst, bin ich dein Wille
und werde mächtig aller Herrlichkeit
und ründe mich wie eine Sternenstille
über der wunderlichen Stadt der Zeit.

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So I haven't updated in a long long while and am not even going to attempt summary. Instead, as I am trying to wait for the end of the Reign of the Sorest Throat on Campus, I would like to pose a question for you.

Why is it that cough drops are shaped like hard candy and not like Lifesavers. It would seem to me that while you have a sore throat / throat issues / coughing fits, you would be MOST likely to unwittingly inhale something. How many times have you popped a Halls or a Ricola into your mouth only to have to spit it out to avoid choking on it at the onset of a coughing fit?

I smell an invention...

Welcome to finals, please surrender your soul

My skirt slips away and there it goes
into a heap of silk and red
and in the darkness nobody knows.

And after, we watch as the ocean flows
in, and you kiss the top of my head
as we watch the froth on the waves, and there it goes

out to sea, where nothing grows
“into eternity”, you said.
And it’s coming to an end and nobody knows.

Time unravels itself to a close
heavy and still and unfair as lead,
and the seconds stop ticking and there it goes

And the comets in the heavens are putting on shows
and an unknown apocalypse lies ahead
and what death is like, nobody knows.

And the bombs explode in rows, in rows
And the world’s spinning slows to dead
And it slips away and there it goes
And nobody knows, and nobody knows.

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So, last night, I was bored. What did I do? I booked a ticket to England for Spring Break. Fuck yeah. I'm very excited. This will rock. March 5-20, I will be in London and surrounding areas.


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So, as I'm cramming for my final exam (which requires me to have a complete understanding of, oh, I don't know, all of Spanish history, literature, and painting between 1700 and today), I decide to check on what the workload will be like when I get home.

Basically, I come home Tuesday, and on Wednesday I start work again at Price Chopper. Land of the evil corporations and dumbfucks.

What's my schedule, you ask?

Wed: 9-6
Thurs: 9-7
Friday: 9-4
Sunday: 4-10

For those of you doing the math, that's 33 hours of work over 4 days. That's 10 hours straight at Price Chopper on Thursday, 9 on Wednesday, 7 on Friday, and 6 on Sunday.

That's INSANE.

Not to mention the fact that they're starting me at 9 AM, way before my functioning time. I

I am going to explode!
Fuck going home.
At least I get time and a half on Friday and Sunday

Besides that, things are going well, and I'm very sad to be leaving here soon, as Wesleyan has a tendency to rock, even if it brings out the nutty in all of us.

Procrastination must end now---- adios.